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Cancer Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery has been called the language of the mind because it can talk to specific parts of the body internally. It also has been described as the interface, or connection between the body and the mind because of the positive chemical and biological changes it can produce in the body. These changes are extremely useful in the successful treatment of and recovery from cancer

When performing Guided Imagery, you create Internal Images intentionally in your mind that you want to communicate to your body to act upon. It is important to note that all external and internal images are processed by the mind; consciously and unconsciously, then communicated to the body for it to take action.

Internal and External Images

Internal images we are all familiar with are, when the mind recalls events from the past or contemplates the present or future, it uses internal imagery.

The sparkle of the sun on the ocean, a loved one’s face, the sound of church bells, the aroma and flavor of our favorite foods, and the anticipated events of a future vacation if created in the mind, are all examples of internal imagery.

External images are gathered by our five senses as the events and circumstances take place outside the body and are then processed through our minds. External images give us information about how our body should respond. If you are standing in the middle of the street and you hear, see, or maybe even feel a speeding car, your mind will process these external images. The body will first receive a message and react chemically with a burst of adrenaline. The body reacts physically to the message, and you quickly move your body out of harm's way.

The reason Guided Imagery is very effective is that the physical body can react to images created internally in the mind the same way as the mind reacts to external images happening outside the body

Cancer Guided Imagery

In Cancer Guided imagery you create specific internal mages in your mind for your successful cancer treatment and cancer recovery. The images you create have specific directions and goals for the present and future that you want your body to manifest with your cancer treatment and recovery. These images can also include sounds, feelings, smells, and tastes.

So, in essence, Cancer Guided Imagery is a flow of images that you create in your mind that have directions and goals. The body can perceive these images as real and will respond to them accordingly.

The programs on this site will help guide you through Cancer Guided Imagery.

Cancer Guided Imagery Will Help To:

1. Prepare the patient mentally and emotionally for any kind of cancer treatment

2. Empower the patient to actively participate in treatment, recovery, and the entire healing process

3. Reduce any feelings of fear, hopelessness, and helplessness

4. Decrease any tension and stress throughout the body

5. Release any negative thoughts and beliefs about cancer treatment and recovery

6. Reduce the level of discomfort during cancer treatment and side effects after the treatment

7. Keep positive attitudes and expectations during treatment

8. increase the chances of a successful recovery