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Digital Product

The information below explains the types of digital files, and the software/hardware needed to use them.

1. Audio programs are streamed on Vimeo and are password protected. Once you purchase, you will receive a text file with the link to your video, along with its password. The Vimeo link can be accessed on any of your digital devices via your browser. The password does not expire and you can watch the video at any time.

2. The Cancer Book is a PDF files and you will need Adobe reader to read it. You will receive a download link to the PDF file once you purchase. The file may be downloaded a maximum of 2 times. You may need to download the PDF to your desktop computer first, and then sync it to your mobile device.

If don’t receive an email with links, passwords or Book PDF, please check your spam folder. Then if still not received, email us.

Any questions or problems with your order please send an email to